Possible to have a component with 1 sub-unit automatically rise to a certain height?

I guess the 1st sub-question to this is, is there such a thing as a “Global Variable” in Sketchup / Ruby? In other words, can I set a “Ceiling_Height_1st_Floor” as a variable somehow, and have certain tagged components automatically move on the Z-axis to that height?

Is it possible to have a component (or another method), part of which will rise or lower to a specific height (ceiling height), either OnClick or when pasted into the model, or by tag somehow?

What I’m trying to do is, have electrical outlets and their relative symbols for the electrical plan (see screenshot), with the symbol “floating” to the ceiling height, while the outlets may be at various heights throughout the plan.

Is this somehow possible, or am I consigned to manually moving the outlets on the Z-axis?

Or, an alternative method would be, an extension that will scan all instances of a specific tag / component, and generate its symbol on a specified height (and ideally tagged with a specific tag)?

How do you guys place symbols for electrical plans?

I’d place them in Layout if plans were my output

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i use custom components with parts set to tags so setting them on and off is easy, and use room outlines set at proper levels for outlets, switches, wall lights, tv monitors, speakers, audio connection panels, etc. and just place the components on those “ledger” lines (grouped and set to “elec_plan”). then depending on the views, turn on/off the components or symbols and ledger lines.

and may also just use LO electrical symbols from scrapbook depending on the document.

me too

You should try @curic4su single text plugin. I think it’s what you need