Smart Attribute


Hello community!

I have a problem and really need your help.

Is there a way to lock a component to the Z axis (let`s say 0), but when I copy that component to an higher or lower Z position to remain locked there, and not fall back to 0?

Am I dreaming big or is this way easier than I imagine?

Any help is very appreciated.

PS: Gluing them is not an option


Lock2floor-Example.skp (113.6 KB)
Try this out, it’s a dynamic component with the option to lock it’s Z-position. It won’t automatically lock to whatever height it’s placed on, rather you choose the height from the dynamic options. So you can lock it to 0, and then if you later want it on something at a different height, you can just change the value.


Many thanks for the quick answer!

The problem is that I have a lot of furniture and to just do that from the dynamic options would be painful.

I thought that I could write some attribute to do that automatically, without the need to enter values manually.

Thanks again!


I don’t know of any method, perhaps with rubyscript someone can.

How often are you changing the floor height of the furniture? You can select multiple furniture and just use the dynamic option once (since they have same attribute name, it’ll still appear in the options when selecting several components).

If you figure out a way, please post, I’d like to use it too.


The changing of the floor plan height is totaly random, it depends how the plans come.

If the Z position can be changed for multiple components selected that could help a lot.

For me its very important that the furniture in the layout has to be prepared for any situation, no mather the plans type. That is why Im looking for a way in which I will not bother about furniture and its position on Z axis. In that way I can almost exclusively work in paralel projection top view and just drop the furniture to its place

Many thanks for the quick replies and be sure that I`ll share with you my findings.


When making furniture components, you can also set them to glue to horizontal faces. In that way, if you move the “floor” they are sitting on up or down, they will follow.



When I try gluing, it does lock the component to the ‘floor’ and if I move the floor, it’s follows. However, I have stages and other ‘floors’ that I will occasionally move my components too, and they don’t re-adjust to that floor level.


Reminds me of this tread:
Copies of Multiple Selected Components with Glue To Face settings do not Cut Opening



There are several plugins like, Drop, Smart Drop or Throw To, just to name a few, that will allow you to select a whole bunch of different components and drop them or throw them to a specific plane, either z, x or y or even a sphere. They will then stay there until you move them.
Here is Throw to as an example.


Box, I believe that one of this plugins might do the trick.

Thank you very much, sir.