Why is it so hard to draw a simple electrical symbol in layout

Drawing simple symbols is unbelievable. Does any body have electrical symbols and a legend for scrapbooks. I am having the hardest time drawing simple symbols. can I just draw a simple line and circle without all these bounding
boxes. What is the best way to draw symbols. Can they be drawn in another program and imported in to layout. I didn’t
realize it was going to be this hard to draw in layout.
Thanks Steve Z.

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It shouldn’t be difficult to draw symbols in LO at all. Perhaps you could share what you’re drawing in a LO file we could look at. You could also draw them in SU and send them to LO. I think you could also find some existing symbol scrapbooks if you look around. I’d start here.

Layout already has an electrical symbol scrapbook. You could draw your own and add to the scrapbook for use anytime.

Thanks I believe that will work. Have a good one
Steve Z

Maybe this will help you out.
electrical symbolsrev.skp (2.2 MB)

Thank you, I really do appreciate.
Steve Z

After much frustration and a few fits. I had to learn how to draw symbols in Layout. I am glad that I did I learned so much
about Layout yesterday. I have a simple electrical symbols library and legend. So glad to have that part over with.
I will post if anyone needs them help yourself.electrical symbols and legend.layout (23.1 KB)


Hi, are there symbols that one could use for irrigation in LO?

I haven’t seen any but you could certainly make them.

Thanks, I have stared to make my own! BUT there could be more symbols for landscape design - I think more designers would purchase SU Pro if there were :slight_smile:

It would be a good idea if the only market for SketchUp and LayOut were landscape design. The point of SketchUp and LayOut is for it to be sort of basic applications that are useful for folks in many disciplines. In the case of LayOut scrapbooks, users can create (and share if so inclined) scrapbooks that they find useful for their discipline. Others who wouldn’t need them wouldn’t have to have their scrapbook cluttered with them.

Thanks - that makes sense. Are there any tutorials for adding to Scrapbook collections?

Start here:

Thanks. What I’d really like to do is add a ground cover (pattern fill) that spreads/fills like the the other patterns in Scrapbook.

You should have said so in the first place. That’s not a scrapbook thing. As you write, it’s a pattern fill. See:

By the way, you should click on LayOut’s Help menu once in awhile. The first menu item is “Help Center”.

Thanks, Dave. I’ll use the HELP Center.

I’m not a Photoshop user, which is required to add a pattern correctly. For now, I can save hand-made patterns in a LO file and cut and paste.

I’m still concerned about not being able to adjust the line weight in SU. I don’t see where others have had this problem.
What do you suggest?

Update - I am now able to adjust the line weight. Please disregard earlier message. Thanks for your help!

You don’t have to use Photoshop. I use a program called Paintdotnet. It’s not that difficult to make PNG images to use for pattern fills.

I don’t know why you can’t change the Profile weight. Maybe you need to reinstall SketchUp.

You still haven’t completed your profile with SU version, OS version, and graphics card.

Thanks for the Paintdotnet tip, Dave. I’ll check it out.

My profile is now updated.

now we know your on a mac,

you can use Preview.app to modify/edit images…