Lighting plan

Good Morning I was wondering whether you use sketchup/Layout to produce lighting plans ? I have always used cad software but I am sure it would be easier to do it all through sketchup Thanks

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What end result do you need?

To present to electrical contractor

yes i use su but do all the fittings overlay in layout.

see example
Highfield_ELECTRICAL_GF_SF_PLANS.pdf (3.1 MB)


That’s how I do it. I have a 2-page scrapbook for the purpose. Page 1 has all the individual icons representing light fittings, switches, outlet plates, etc. They are the ones I drag onto the plan. The same icons appear on page 2 but with descriptive text and everything is grouped together so that I import as a single entity as a key.

Wow meaning that all the work is done in Layout

It looks daunting

May I ask which drawing style you are using for your furniture ?

this is just a restyled view of my construction drawing style. i think its just a shaded style (no tex)
here’s the same plan styled for construction drawing
PROPOSED SECTIONS_v2.compressed.pdf (1.5 MB)
PROPOSED_GF_SF_PLANS_v2-compressed.pdf (1.5 MB)


its actually pretty simple, just create a scaled drawing on top of your SU viewport to the same scale then you can set out your lights with correct spacing etc. As Simon says, have a scrapbook setup with the symbols in. Then its just some wiggly lines to show circuits and switching.

Rob, Impressed with your drawings. Is that linework from your model created form GCreate Group from Slice for the Sections or do you use Skalp or similar? Did you do the dotted lines manually? Either way nice lively drawing!

its all Skalp

For a Reflected Ceiling Plan approach, go to this thread and look at Anssi’s response. This technique works well, and allows you to most of your work in the SketchUp model.


This is stunning work @bifterx

I too would be interested in how you’ve shown all the joists dotted.


Thanks Michael.
I just use Skalp’s rear view projection feature with the ceiling plasterboard / insulation layers turned off


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Hi Rob

I must be a donut. I use Rear View Projection quite a bit, (although for some reason have not used it in 2019 yet), and I didn’t even think of doing that.

Kind regards


yes its an exceptionally useful feature, I even use it as a helper function for elevations to help show juxtaposition of other structures behind the camera for context. its just a slow old process to generate.

TONKINSON-ANNEXE plans-compressed.pdf (1.9 MB)

There is a temptation to overuse it which I probably did in this case.


That’s a cracking idea to use it for elevations. I’m assuming you just create a section plane parallel to but away from the elevation you want.


Yep. Indeed.

Thank you for this, exactly what I was looking for, but as a newbie to SU I’ll have to keep slogging to get to this standard - amazing work (a little jealous here!!)