SU for Designing Electric Layouts in a Home?

I’m a fairly experienced SU user and I’ve modeled my entire new home for construction (massing mostly). I want to use my to model start laying out electrical locations for things like breaker panels, switches, audio, networking, etc.

Any tips for doing this natively in SU? Or am I creating more work by forcing the design inside SU versus another method? I just happen to know SU fairly well and the whole house is already there.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Electrical 2D schematic vs 3D model.skp (82.1 KB)

i add level lines to the plan so i can readily place outlets, switches, tv, etc on “standard” heights. a simple trace around the edge of the room, then group that, open the group, select the lines and place them at the required heights for your electrical codes. close & lock the group.
most times i just use simple lines to connect the outlets, switches, lights etc. then pipe along path to create 1/2" tubes representing the wiring. i also color the outlets, switches, and light boxes etc to represent “clean” and “dirty” power (in my recording studio design work).
as Jean noted in his example - this let’s you have plan view of the electrical as well as elevations. most of my electrical components have both 2D and 3D views on tags so for plan view i turn off 3D and turn on 2D to display as symbols, and turn off 2D and turn on 3D for interior elevations or details.
elevation view w/ guides on.

3D w/ wiring

the Meedek Electrical Extension has a lot of this automated and it is pretty easy to use.