How to create a reflected ceiling plan in sketch Up and then insert it to layout?

what is the best and easiest way to create a reflected ceiling plan from a sketch up model that can be saved in a scene and used in layout ?

Reflected views is an upcoming Skalp for SketchUp feature… We start probably next week with an early beta program.

The Skalp Team

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I inverted (reflected) the model X axis direction by using the scale tool (x -1) for ceiling plan.

(When you create a component that contains only the necessary information, it becomes possible to export, it becomes possible to re-load, so you can ensure the integrity of the model, nomal one and reflected one.)

Thank you, I do not use Skalp at this time but will check it out to see if it accomplish what I need. Thanks again

This looks more like what I am trying to achieve, I did consider inverting the x axis tool but was not sure how to accomplish that, once the reflected plan is created I can then create a scene for export to layout, thank you, I will give this a try, T

The easiest way is to create a view looking up (a standard Bottom view) just like a floor plan, insert it into LayOut and then flip it there left to right. There is no need to scale your whole model. The only downside is that you will have to add all annotations in LayOut, as the ones you have placed in SketchUp will appear mirrored.



Wow! I didn’t know that way. I could flip on LayOut! Many thanks, Anssi !!

PS: no need to flip model, but you can flip model with scale tool with scaling value -1 in VCB.

thanks Ansi … so easy just flip it in layout.

Easy solution! I had the same question and started messing with tutorials and accidentally found out how to use the POSITION CAMERA TOOL (the guy standing on an X) in a new way to create section cut elevations including RCP views.
Start in Parallel (not Perspective)

  1. If you are inside the room and you click (and hold down) the position camera tool on the floor where you want the section cut then move the cursor along the axis in the direction you want to look, when you release it, it cuts a section/interior elevation.
  2. THEN if you click and hold on the wall then move the cursor up on the blue axis when you release you have a reflected ceiling plan view. BAM!!! Move down the axis and you have a floor plan.
    This eliminates the need for the awkward section tools!!!
    ***For some reason if you don’t start the step 2 exactly facing the wall (as created by step 1) your RCP will be rotated and I don’t think sketchup has a tool that will rotate the view without rotating you out of the flat up direction.
    They really should have a “bottom” view button right next to the “top” button in the views toolbar…
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Didn’t know that one! Still it’s not “reflected” and you have to flip in LayOut.