How to use Layout to Acquire Floor Plans from a 3-D Model

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I am working on a school project to create a sustainable house using Sketchup 8 and I want to know how I can acquire the 2D floor plans from a 3d model using layout 3. I’ve seen this feature in a video. Watch this: What’s New In Sketchup 8 to see what I’m talking about. I want to do this using layout 3 because I’ve seen a video on someone ‘preparing their house for layout’ and it looks very accurate, more accurate than a hand-drawn plan. Please help as my project is due soon.


Ik SketchUp 2014 you can use Skalp for SketchUp for making plans and sections from your 3D model and use them in Layout.

If you only have SketchUp 8 pro, you can use Skalp on Sketchup 2014 make (free version) and export the model back to Sketchup 8 for use in layout.

In SU8, create a section plane and place it 4 feet above the floor. This will cut off everything above. Navigate to the top view, click on parallel projection and you will see a floor plan. Create a scene and then save. Open LO and insert the model and you will see the floor plan scene in a Layout Viewport. You can now set the scale, adjust the viewport, annotate and dimension. If you have never done this before, I suggest that you check out numerous videos on YouTube. Hope this helps.


This is a little confusing for a beginner like me. I don’t know how to
create a section plane. And where do I get layout? I thought it comes with

If people have to tell you everything you know about SU, you’ll end up not knowing much and taking a very long time to get there.

Chronical, it’s all been told already, and it’s all been written down. All you have to do is read it, study it, and practice it. Don’t be so helpless–look stuff up and then you’ll know.


You can access the tool to place section planes from the Tools menu:

Or from the “Section” toolbar:

There is more details on how to use the tools in our Help articles:

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I have no idea where to get layout. I copied the Sketchup 8 from the school program files and I couldn’t find layout anywhere in there, then I downloaded Sketchup 8 from the official website and I still couldn’t find layout, even in the updated version of sketchup. Does anyone know where I find it? For some reason it’s not even there… ???

Layout is part of the Pro package. It doesn’t come with the free version I’m afraid.

Hey Chronical,

Thom Thom’s right that LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro, but for students we have a pretty aggressive discount (MSRP US $49). You can learn more about SketchUp Pro student licenses here.

Good luck learning SketchUp and LayOut – as other have mentioned, there are lots of good videos and tutorials at



Thank you for clarifying. I found another way to get something equivalent to a floor plan from part of a YouTube video. If I cut out all the furniture and replace the windows and doors with markers on the tops of the walls then I can go to standard views – top and toggle parallel project and that see through mode thing then it looks exactly like a floor plan. But thanks anyway. I may buy the Sketchup Pro for high school for easier access. Is the Sketchup Pro student licensed version a limited-time offer?

What I was saying is that if you can explain how to do things a little more it would help. And I was also asking where to get layout, since when I tried to google it it came out with where to buy sketchup pro, but the question was politely answered by tt_su.

I understand now. I have looked at a video, and I get it now. A section plane cuts off everything above, so you can view certain aspects of a model. Then I have to go and view it from the top with parallel projection on and send it to layout. The only thing is that I can’t get layout for free. But I found a solution: exporting the top view 2d image to my computer, so it looks equivalent to a floor plan. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Most gracious of you. I’m a pro and never thought to do it like this.