2D components

I am completely new to SketchUp. Working on a 2D floor plan

  • can I import 2D symbols from somewhere? When I go to flie/3d warehouse I can only ”share model”. ”Share component” is in grey.

In a tutorial they are under components in the tray, when 3d warehouse and then architecture. However, I only have buildings there.

I sm looking for symbols for cooker/stove, wc etc

SketchUp, while it CAN draw in 2D is a 3D modeling software. It is designed to allow you to draw what you want in full 3D, then generate 2D images from them. The warehouse is full of millions of 3D models to help you in that effort. While there may be some 2D models in the warehouse, they would be rare. I would recommend searching for exactly what you are looking for. General terms like “architecture” are going to bring up hundreds of thousands of models.

Stepping back, I would take a look at how you are trying to use SketchUp. As I said, it is not really designed to draw in 2D… you may actually be making things harder in yourself trying to use it in a way that is. Or the intended purpose.

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As Aaron says, it is not a 2D package. However, you certainly can use it for 2D work and architects frequently do.

Symbols of the kind you need are actually quite quickly constructed once you are familiar with the SU tools. Alternatively, you can use 3D models and set them onto your 2D plane. They will be the only things sticking up above it, but when you view it from the top in parallel projection, you will only see the tops of the models.

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You can search the 3D Warehouse in the Components panel which you would find in the tray or you can go to Window>3D Warehouse to open the main 3D Warehouse panel. The one with Share Model and Share Component is in the File menu and not what you need at the moment.

There are some 2d symbols in LayoutsScrapbook. Most are not too useful. I’ve had to create them myself, such as electric symbols, etc.
One word of advice… symbols need to be drawn to scale in LayOut. Different sizes for different scales. Symbols are drawn in LayOut, not SU