Adding additional symbol in Google Layout scrapbook



Hello everybody in Google Layout i want to expand or add scrapbook adding additional architectural symbols to it (2D DOORS, WINDOWS, STAIRS, TOILET, KITCHEN, ETC) where can i get that additional architectural symbols so that i can add in my scrapbook


If you have 2D architectural symbols CAD data, you can import it via SketchUp to LayOut.

  1. Convert your 2D architectural symbols CAD data to dwg/dxf using your CAD
  2. Import dwg/dxf to SketchUp
  3. Scale it 1:1, change to Plan View, Parallel Projection, set scene and style as drawing looks
  4. Save SKP
  5. Import SKP to LayOut
  6. Change SKP view to Vector
  7. Scale it as your need.
  8. Explod SKP
  9. Ungroup it then you can access each symbol as LayOut drawing
  10. Re group your Symbol as LayOut Symbol
  11. Save as Scrapbook (Scrapbook is just a LayOut paged data)


hi; would you plz explain no.6 a little bit more?


In Layout click to highlight the viewport/ Window(tab)/ Sketchup Model/ View/ (options)Raster, Vector, Hybrid.