Layout Drawing Scale Change


I have created a shop drawing in layout. I want to show it 1/2"=1" but there is no pick for that. There is 1/4" =1" but this is to small. The 1:1 is to big. Does anyone know how to get the 1/2"=1" scale? Thanks


You can add a new scale. Scroll to the bottom of the Scale list and select Add a Custom Scaleā€¦


When I scroll to the bottom it just goes back to the top (1:1).


You can also get to it in Preferences>Scales.


Is this a Scaled Drawing or did you first model it in SketchUp? Add Custom Scale is at the bottom of the list in the SketchUp Model window.

How about updating your profile. It shows you are using Make.


I modeled it in SketchUp. I then created the shop drawing in Layout. The model that I am viewing is to big for the paper. When I pick on the model in the drawing an pick Scale, a big list comes up but no 1:2 scale.


I will try your suggestion. I will update my profile. Thanks


So as I said, Create the scale.


I did what you said and it works perfectly. Thanks a bunch.


I updated my Profile. Thanks