Can I create a Custom Scale in Layout

Hi Everybody

A quick question if I may please.

I am drawing directly into layout and would like to choose a scale other than the choice on offer, i.e 1:1, 1:5 etc

Ideally I require 1:2 and wonder if this is possible?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes

Kevin Spencer

You can create any custom scales you want, take a look under preferences (or something to that effect), I don’t recall exact routing / location now, but I have done this myself before.

Look in the menu item: Edit—>Preferences…
Choose the “Scales” tab.
Notice the “Add Custom Scale” button

In order to have it appear in a directly drawn to scale list of scales, you might have to check the “Show all scales by default” box.

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Thank you very much guys - that’s perfect.

Kevin Spencer

I’d be very happy if LO ditched the predefined scaled. Writing 1:100 or whatever scale you are using is quicker than looking in a list for it.

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