Layout 2024 Custom Scale

Hi Guys,

I just noticed that I am no longer able to add a custom scale on the Dimension Style on the Layout 2024. Am I missing something or that just changed location?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Do you mean here…
In previous version you have not been able to enter a custom scale here.

or here…


or here…


Thanks Paul, it is that on previous versions I used to do it here.

where you were able to add a custom scale.

It seems that on 24 now only on preferences - I was using v21 as I wasn’t happy about some bugs on other versions. Decided to give a full try on 24

Many thanks!

You can add a custom scale via Preferences>Scales and you can access that option throught the SketchUp panel as well. This is the same as in previous versions of LayOut.

Yeah, the problem is that I was trying to do that through the dimension style tray, rather than the SU model one. I changed tray positions rencently and didn’t realise that. Thanks Dave.

I don’t have anything earlier than 2023 now but it’s the same in that version as well. You can’t access the option to create a custom scale in Dimension Style or in Scaled Drawing but you can in the SketchUp Model panel. I expect it’s the same in LO2021 and even earlier.

On the rare occasions when I need to add a custom scale I usually just go directly into Preferences since a viewport needs to be selected in order to get to the options through the SketchUp Model panel. It seems to me that my custom scales from the previous version were picked up by the new version of LO when it installed, too.