Changing scale in LayOut 2023

Hi, I am trying to add a custom scale in LayOut 2023. I need 1mm:75mm which doesn’t appear as a scale in the SketchUp model tray. I have been selecting “custom” which takes me to LO preferences. I have then selected scales and the + tab. I then insert the scale into the boxes and click “add” which adds the new scale to the bottom of the list in the LO preferences box. The trouble is that this still doesn’t appear as an option in the SU model tray on my plan. Where am I going wrong please?

Seems like you’re doing the right steps.
Are you doing it like this (older version of LO, but should still apply):

Are you looking at the bottom of the list for the scale? Is it possible it’s there between the 1:50 and 1:100?

Hi Nick

Thank you for your suggestion. I had previously viewed that YouTube video, which was really helpful, but unfortunately when I tried to follow along & added the scale, as per the video, the new scale did not appear in the options in the SU model tray. I scrolled down through the scales and it hadn’t appeared as a new scale in the correct sequence nor was it added to the bottom of the list. However, I have now discovered that any new scales are inserted at the top of the scales, not in sequence.

Thanks again for your time.

That must be another one of those weird Mac behaviors. On Windows it ends up getting sorted into the right place in the list.

it’s because of the way it’s written.
you can see the difference between my scales (top) and the standard ones (bottom)
weirdly enough, layout will name the new ones differently from the basic ones.
and off course it’ll sort alphabetically, so 1, comes before 1m

Capture d’écran 2024-05-29 à 12.55.50

last year I took the extra 10 min to delete and manually recreate all the scales so they are properly sorted. I didn’t this year, not yet.

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I see. The scales in my list look like this.

I just let the Scale Text autofill when I create new ones so it keeps the same format.

oh, I’m using the autofill too, but you know, layout, mac os, great combo sometimes :innocent:

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