Can I Edit the Scale Preferences?

Not sure whether this should be a Feature Request or if its already there… but In LO, Preferences > Scales > there is a long list of the available imperial and metric scales. (I’m on a Mac, OS12.4).
There are two things I’d like to do with this list;
1 - get rid of all the ones i don’t use. I never draw in Imperial so it would be great to just trash them all.
2 - i’d like to add in a scale that isn’t there. Specifically, there is no 1:25 which might be handy occasionally, but I’d be interested to know how to add other scales if I want, eg 1:1250 and 1:2500 would be useful when doing location plans.
If some kind soul can tell me how to achieve this I’ll be eternally grateful, but while I’m a half decent SU and LO user, I’m not a programmer so be gentle with me and keep it in idiot terms!
thanks in advance.

Hi Paul,

You should be able to do both of the things you want to do in Preferences. You can select scales to remove and create your own custom scales in the same panel. It should look similar to this with the Delete Scale and Add Custom Scale.
Screenshot - 7_21_2022 , 3_26_10 PM

To add your 1:25, type those into the Paper and Model fields with the correct units and click Add Custom Scale.

Mine looks quite different to your PC version. On a Mac there is a discrete little Plus and Minus sign in the corner, which i just didn’t notice!

Its all quite well thought out really, isn’t it?!?!?!?

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