Is there a way to set custom scale for LO scaled drawings?

I’m trying to dimension some elements drawn in LO to a custom viewport scale (1:200).

I hadn’t realized that custom scales set in LO Preferences are not available as scale options in either the Scaled Drawing or the Dimensions palettes.

Since I can’t use autoscale for LO objects, I’m stuck. Any solution? Is this something that is fixed in later versions? (I’m on 2019).

Seems like a big oversight and yet another LO annoyance.

Edited to add: If I had known this prior to generating the drawing set, then I would have chosen an available std.scale (1:240).

But I already have a lot of time invested in multiple stacked viewports and page elements that are fit around the current scale, and it would add a big chunk of time (which I don’t have) to switch scales and get everything looking good again.

I use 1:200 all the time. I also use a non standard 1:25 occasionally.

I don’t have an active 2019 version but for 2020 and after…it does save custom scales to both the SU model Scale tab and Scaled Drawing tab…for me, it doesn’t insert the new scales in order where you would expect them…instead, it places them at the top. Can you show a screenshot or confirm that in fact they aren’t there either?

Example, I just created a made up 1"=25’ scale just for this demo:

I don’t know why it’s not included in the available standard scales: 1:150 / 1:300 / 1:400 are… but 1:200 isn’t??!

Is it in a later version?

Dimension Tool scale palette:

Scaled Drawing scale palette:

Viewport scale palette:

Edited to add: The Preferences scale list is identical to the Viewport scale list (other than the order). In this version (on Mac) it kicks you over to the Preferences window when you choose ‘Custom’ from the VP scale list.

Can you also show your scales in Preferences as well? If I understand correctly, you’re saying you created a new 1:200 scale in ‘Preferences/Scales’ but it’s not showing up in your other scales dropdown (as you’ve shown already)?

Here are mine where my new custom scales show at the bottom of the list.

I’m aware of the strange list order for custom viewport scales — that’s not the problem in this case.

It should make custom scales available wherever they’re used, so if that change has been made from 2020 on, then good.

Doesn’t help me with my current problem though. :frowning:

(I do appreciate your quick reply)

I hear your frustration. Can’t fully test without v2019. But glad you learned that it’s been addressed for when you’re ready to update some day.

See my edit on my earlier post - I was typing it while you posted.

Thanks for your help in any case.

There’s a few reasons I haven’t upgraded yet (I have a perpetual license for 2021), though I am planning to soon — once I’m out of my current work crunch.