Is it possible to scale Layout Scrapbook Elements to Paper Size?

Hey there! When inserting my Layout’s scrapbook elements, they come up so small, that they are practically useless (they might work with A3, but definitely not Arch D…)

Here’s an example. You can see here that the top one is what I scaled (having to change all three elements of text independently, the bottom is the size that it goes in.

This is far from useful in an Arch D Setting, and I can’t figure out for the life of me how to scale each one automatically (if there is even an option) to the paper size - so that the text isn’t getting lost in the large scale of the page.

I just had a similar problem yesterday trying to capture pages off the Web.
I played around with it for quite a while then got some brains and checked out my PRINTER SETTINGS. It allowed me to increase the output by PERCENTAGES and at least I got it to output something that was readable. Still not the best - but it worked.

Sure, you can scale the scale to the size that is appropriate for the scale of your drawing and then set the font size so it’s suitable. If you’re going to use that paper size frequently, scale up the various scrapbook items you’d use and make your own new scrapbook for them so you only have to do it once.

A scale like that isn’t difficult to make. You could create one as a scaled drawing and save it as a scrapbook entity and scale it as needed.

Ignore the scale bar - I made that myself, as the scale bar provided in the scrapbook was only 2” at best.
I’m talking about the othe two elements to the right, the Drawing labels which there are two of.

You have one up top, and one at the bottom. The one up top I had to scale up and modify the elements individually - vs the one at the bottom which is how it went onto the page without modifications. As you can see the bottom one is useless at Arch D size, the top one is more appropriate.

Just to be clear - in regards to those elements, the only way to do it is by editing them in the Scrabook, there’s no automated way to re-size them based on paper-size, correct?

There is no automated way to resize scrapbook elements. The best thing to do is take a few minutes to edit the scrapbook elements you use to fit the paper size and then create a new scrapbook with them. Or just add them to your template.