Rescale scenes with scrapbooks


hi, i always have this question?

Q.- i put my grid (scrapbooks) and measure over my scene scale (floorplan “scene”) over a paper size in layout. then i need the same architecthure floorplan, over other paper size and other scale. how i can do it, without do it again from the beginning the whole project?

Reason: in my country, they ask me always for 1 plan, that it has to be in 1 sheet of paper with 4 architecture floor plans inside; but apart of it, the contractors always needs the whole project architecture, that has the same architecture floor plans but 2 of it in each sheet of paper.

NOTE: i never put measure and grids over the model in sketchup. i always put it on layout.

any layout method, extension o tips, for this situacion.


Have you ever tried the Scaled Drawing tool on LayOut?


thanks for the answer, but i need to rescale with the scrapbooks bro. any tip?


try adapting this workflow to your needs and I believe that you will be able to copy the same drawings and readapt them to other pages or documents: