Inserting people from scrapbook

I have a viewport at 1 1/2" scale in the Layout sheet. The scrapbook does not have people at that scale. How to add people at that viewport scale? Or at any other scale other than the ones shown in the scrapbook.
Thank you.

Drag them from the scrapbook, rightclick on it and set the scale in the contextmenu.

The viewport is at 1/4" scale, I bring people from the scrapbook, they are at 1/2" scale so they show too big, I double click the figure, then scale, 1/4", and it doesn’t reduce the size. See attachment.

Don’t double click.

Thank you Box, I guess that if the people on scrapbook is a 1/2" scale, they only can be used on a 1/2" scale viewport. Right?

To be honest I don’t use Layout often enough to really answer questions about it fully, it was only the double click comment that caught my attention and made me check. So it could all be far more complex, and there is as @MikeWayzovski mentioned a right click Scale option, which I haven’t explored.
I should have remained out of this thread.


If you set the scale you can change the scale to suit.

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That is what I thought, but you can see the girl next to the elevation, even though the viewport and the girl are at 1/4" scale, the girl is too big. Obviously I am doing something wrong.
The drawing is, by the way, just a practice to get familiar with LO.
Thank you.Backup of Practice2.layout (185.9 KB)