Seting default window size when you insert a SU drawing in Layout?

When I insert a SU file Layout opens it in a particular size window. Most of the time I would like it opened larger. Is there a way for me to tell it what size to open with by default?

I’ve always resized them to fit the screen by using show grid and snap to grid.
I would also like to know if anyone can point the correct direction to us.

I suppose you could set one manually as you would like it to be, and save it as a scrapbook. So, anytime you need to insert a new sketchup viewport, you just need to grab it from the scrapbook and relink it to your current file.

This is very handy if you set the viewport scale and style before saving the scrapbook. That way you could have a specific scrapbook for plans at 1/100 or 1/250…

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Sounds like a viable workaround.
thanks for sharing!

Do you know how Layout decides what size to open a window at by default?