How do I insert/create a scale bar for layout?

I have the drawing to 1:50 scale but the planning requirement is for a scale bar to be included, and I am surprised there is not a tool to simply insert, like you would a section icon. Any ideas?

There are scales in the Scrapbook. Did you look there? You can drag them in.

Screenshot - 5_30_2023 , 10_27_47 AM

They are also easy enough to make in the style you want. Use a Scaled Drawing so you can match the scale to your viewports.

Hi Dave
thanks for this - and once I drop this into the view point does it auto adjust to the scale in the viewport?

No. You’ll have to adjust it.

I make my own using the Scaled Drawing feature and save it in a custom scrapbook. Then it’s a simple matter of dragging it into a document and setting the scale to suit the viewport on the page.

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