Print set up needs tuning

I have my image on layup in a framed template and now what to print preview as a print on A4 .The final job will be printed on A1.
The issue is ; when I print preview the image it is not fully on the page . I’m missing a set up instruction to print the image on one page. I have page 1 as blank and page 2 as the part image.
When I have this sorted I want to send other images to Layup and have them so they are in page order and will print in page order. I will need info here as well.
Thanks in advance

The best way to get to printed copies of the LayOut project is to use File>Export>PDF. There are settings in the Print dialog in Acrobat or Reader to shrink the PDF to print on smaller paper.

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Hi Dave,
I still have an export issue
When I File>Export>PDF the print image either is 1/2 image or 1/4 the image on the A4 print paper .
I have talked to my Printer support and they say its a export issue .They say I,m not sending the complete image.
I think I have a procedure problem.

FYI My image is not connected as a group or component as in Sketch up and when I move the image only the notations move
I now have the image looking good just want to print it out

Without seeing the LO and PDF files, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. I would just be guessing.

Site Plan for DA rev a.layout (436.6 KB)

Site Plan for DA rev a pdf problem.pdf (74.2 KB)
Here is the PDF

Just sent them to you

It’s not so much a problem with the export. You clearly aren’t understanding LayOut. The white rectangle of which you can see a little bit in this screen shot (top and left sides) is the paper space. It represents the size of the paper you’ve selected. The rest of your project won’t show because it is outside the paper space. It’s no wonder your PDF looks like it does. If you want the drawing to print on A1 paper, you need to select A1 as the paper size in Document Setup. You have it set to A4 paper size.

The screen shot below shows what it looks like with paper size set to A1. The large white rectangle shows the size of the paper. If you want to fill the page, you’ll need to enlarge the drawing and move your title block and stuff.

If you want to print your A1 document on A4 paper, just make sure that paper size is selected when printing the PDF and select Shrink oversized pages.

Now I have it .My problem was that I used an A4 template at the layout start .Now I have redone it with a A1 template to start . It has allowed me to size within the window reference . Seem this selection needs to be chosen first up in layout up.
Thanks for your guidance