Printing problem with Layout


I saved a pdf file using Arch C paper landscape but when I took it to Office Depot to print it, it is printing vertically and we can’t seem to change it to print horizontally on 24 x 18 paper. Attached is the file.
Please help!
Thanks!2nd Floor Layout Furnishings Plan.pdf (140.5 KB)


when I open that I see 2 pages, the first has a top and left border [ looks like a 1/4 sheet boundary ] and the second has a landscape view of your content…

check your export settings…



You probably need to investigate the settings that were in place in Layout when you exported (or saved) the file to pdf. Check your Layout settings under File > Document Setup. Then confirm that you have established what you want under File > Page Setup. You should verify whether you want Landscape or Portrait orientation. Although I usually print to D size sheets (rather than C size) for hard copy output, I typically never change the page size from Letter unless the print is controlled by my own computer. As you are using Office Depot you should be able to ignore that setting.

Finally checking your anticipated output by clicking File > Print Preview will not offer a definitive presentation of your printout unless you are printing to a letter sized sheet or a sheet that is specifically indicated in your “Page Setup” dialogue.

Here is a sample output pdf file that was exported from a recent LO file using standard settings and the settings from the Document Setup dialogue that may serve as a guide.

Sample2015.pdf (1.9 MB)


Did you export it from LayOut or did you print it using a PDF printer?