Print dialog box in 2017 pro is empty

Hey everyone.
Is anyone else having issues directly printing to an HP 7730 wide format printer?
I cant get even the simplest ‘current view’ image to print to A3, and when I print to PDF the image quality is very low, very basic line weights, no textures…
The dialogue box is not allowing me to select options, the scenes from/to option doesnt work and just prints the first tab…
I searched the forums…gave up on HP website (run around), updated the drivers, selected the printer as the default (Windows 10)

Any ideas?

Driving me nuts…

scene 29.pdf (634.6 KB)

What happens if you use LayOut instead? Can you then print the scene?

It’s normal for PDF exports from SketchUp to not show textures. If the viewport is rendered as Raster or Hybrid in LayOut, textures will show in the PDF.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the quick response.

Quick back ground…
I had to re install Sketch UP 2017 PRO after upgrading my OS from win 7 to win 10, and now the simplest of print procedures is not working.
I don’t use Layout very often.
I simply like to print straight from the drawing either a certain number of tabs, or an individual scene, but I get very poor images.
I have saved to PDF and then print from there, but it seems to be an extra step that I didn’t have to go through before.
This program is getting less friendly every time I open it up, but now I am wondering if its WIN 10, and/or the HP printer?
Line weights are all wrong…
still not getting options in the dialogue box…(print quality, scenes from/to )

I expect the problem is actually the printer drivers and how they behave with Windows 10. I’ve seen this sort of thing before with broken or outdated drivers. Have you checked with HP to see if they have newer Win 10 drivers?

SketchUp 2017 hasn’t changed since 2017 so the changes you are seeing are going to be due to other factors. Commonly printer and graphics drivers are problematic, especially with Windows because the automatic updates pushed my Windows often include drivers that have issues.

In general, though, you should be able to get much better image and PDF exports via LayOut. You can set viewports to render as Hybrid and get vector line work along with your raster textures.

Maybe it’s time to update SketchUp.

Yeah, did the whole HP run around and they remotely scanned the printer /Windows configuration, its all up to date…but it would have been nice to speak to a human!
I am convinced its the printer/Win 10, but have no idea how to get around this. Even on PDF the textures are missing.

It all seems like a lot more work now…

I actually did update sketch up but came across this problem in 2018 pro, reverted back to 2017 thinking it was the program, but it may have been the printer/OS all the time!

What do you see in the Page Setup window?

Do you mean Print Set up window?

Yes, sorry, Print setup

Have you tried repairing the SketchUp installation? (right-click on the installer and select “Run as administrator”, and select Repair when prompted.

Still the same after a repair.