Problem parameters printing

we got a new printer at work but nothing can be printed. This is what is displayed in the print window. Nothing is written in the fields. I cannot configure anything. This does it on the MAKE 2017 and 2021 PRO version (trial version).
HP specifies that the problem is with sketchup, there is nothing they can do. I have installed the latest driverts and the latest printer firmware.
Thanks in advance.


try this : Print dialog box partly empty - #15 by mchandler
It seems to be related to Microsoft pdf set as default printer on Windows 10

It is illegal to use the old Make version for work.

Did you check that Page Setup is showing the correct printer and page size?
As to the blank fields, using Fit to Page (Adapter a la page) makes the other fields unnecessary. SketchUp will print anything that is visible on your screen and scale it to fit the available print area.

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Have you verified that the Page Setup displays the correct printer and page size?

For empty fields, using Fit to Page makes the other fields unnecessary.
It does not change anything, it stays small and does not adapt to the page. And I can’t choose a scale either.

thank you for your reply

As said, what is on your screen gets printed, including any empty space. The margins left by SketchUp are quite generous too, 25 mm perhaps.

To set a scale, select one of the standard SketchUp views (Top, Front…) and switch your camera to Parallel projection. Uncheck the Fit to page box. Setting a scale should now be possible. A perspective view cannot be to scale.

Thank you for your help, I know how to print, I made a tutorial on my YouTube channel on this subject:

I still don’t have a solution, I followed a post about settings in windows but it didn’t work either:

Among all the experts, is there one who has a solution to this printing problem?
thanks in advance

When this has been discussed before, the problem was limited to some specific printer drivers and models, like the Microsoft PDF printer and some HP models. So despite HP denial, I would still be inclined to suspect their drivers, or something in your company network that affects communication between your computer and the printer. Have you tried some other printer, like Adobe PDF or PDF Xchange, or some other available printer? SketchUp relies totally on your Windows system to print, and it hasn’t any printing functionality tweaks for any specific hardware.


ok thank you, I will continue to search on that side.