Print Preview & Print not functioning

After successfully printing from Sketchup 2018/Windows 10 on an HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 in both letter and tabloid outputs, I encountered a problem with Print to Scale. In the Print menu, the drop-down dialogue boxes under Scale do not indicate Ft / In; they are blank and can not be set to scale. The problem occurs in both Perspective and Parallel Projection Windows. I therefore updated software for both the printer and SU 2018.

When I attempt to set Print Preview, the problem continues as noted with scale dialogue not functioning. I can not get any image to preview under any circumstances. All print attempts now result in blank paper.


In order to be able to set a scale for printing, you need to have the camera set to Parallel Projection and you need a standard view set.

Parallel Projection but not standard view.

Parallel Projection and a Standard view:

What happens if you use LayOut for this? It’ll give you better control and the potential for better looking output.