Hp 7730 printer dialogue box

Hi Everyone,

Although I have now reloaded Sketch Up 2017 pro several times, I STILL cannot get the printer dialogue box to recognize the HP 7730 A3 printer I have hooked up to the computer.

I have a similar set up at my other place of work with a small Canon MG 2450 which performs perfectly with the same drawing, giving me all options to print individual scenes, or a series of scenes, select print quality etc…
The printer does work, but I can only print one scene at a time.

I have updated the drivers from HP, who are without doubt the most unhelpful supplier I have used.(It would be nice to converse with a human)

Does ANYONE have a solution to this that DOES NOT INCLUDE USING LAYOUT or PDF. :grinning:
My workflow hasn’t changed in years, I print straight from the drawing.
I would like to do that again without having to buy yet another A3 printer.

Have you contacted HP?

Can you print to this printer using other applications?

Yes, there is no help there.

yes, no problem, printing from auto cad, photshop etc…its just the Sketch Up dialogue box that is incomplete.

Maybe this might help…

Also, have you tried this…

Thanks Paul,
I followed the procedure from mchandler in the thread, selecting the XPS Document writer as default in my Windows settings.
Now I get full options in the dialogue box, I only have to switch the name of the printer to my HP 7730 and it works.
Many thanks.