Export Scene to 2D DWG

Is there a way in Sketchup Shop 2020 (web) to export a specific scene in AutoCAD dwg 2D format? For example, when I select a scene with a plan view (e.g. front view), Sketchup keeps exporting the 2D drawing in more of an isometric view.

Try changing to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view.


Thanks. I have the parallel projection set. The issue is that the exported view is no where close to the scene. It appears fo be using some default isometric (ish) view. Should the exported 2D view match the current scene?

I would think so. It does that in the Pro version. I’m testing it now with Shop but I picked kind of a large model so it’s taking a little longer.

BTW, you are choosing the 2D export option, right?

OK. Faster than I thought it would be. I have the following displayed in Shop.

I exported a .dxf instead of .dwg but the results should be basically the same. In Draftsight I get this.

FWIW, I exported a .dwg file instead and opened it in Draftsight. Looks the same to me. (I did change the model to show 3rd angle projection.)


I must be doing something wrong. See attached video.

Can you share the .skp file for the table. If you can’t make it public, share it in a private message.

That table looks familiar. I did plans for a very similar one about 7 years ago. Based on a couple of details I left in the model, it actually appears to be my model.
Screenshot - 2_12_2020 , 8_12_16 AM

I think I see what you were missing. Since you have created scenes in the model, you need to select one of them before you do the export. That defines the view you want. I don’t have any scenes in the model of the J-38 key so it takes the current view. Your last screen shot seems to show the Front view selected but…

Here I’ve selected the Front view scene.

Then selected the 2D .dwg export option.

In Draftsight I get the expected view.



Thanks for the reply. Wow, what a small world! Yes, that must be your model. I downloaded the Sketchup model and drawings from Fine Woodworking. Nice drawings by the way.

I am still having problems exporting the correct drawing view. If you look at the video I posted earlier in this thread, I think I selected the scene correctly prior to the export but still get more of an isometric view. Still not sure what I am doing wrong.

Would you mind posting the export settings you are using. Below are the settings I am using.


Here’s what I have after selecting the Front view scene.

And again, the results after export.

Two Way Drawer Dinign Table (1).dwg (14.4 KB)


I appreciate all of your help. I still can’t get it to work. I can open your DWG file and it is the correct projection. All of my export settings match yours so I am not sure what is wrong. I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with the trial license I am using.

The license shouldn’t have anything to do with it. It is weird, though, and I’m not sure exactly why we’re getting different results. I wonder if @Mark might have any ideas.

Did anybody get anywhere with this? Now I am having this issue, too. @mark, @dom.alias, @DaveR?

I’m working on the free web version of SketchUp on a Mac. It is letting me export to dwg, which is great. However, no matter what the view is or what scene I have just selected, the .dwg comes out with the same default view.
Furthermore, why is there no place to name the export file??? That’s pretty basic functionality that is missing. PITA to have to go back and rename them, as I am trying to use about 16 different views with this project.

Interesting. According to this the free version doesn’t do .dwg export.

FWIW, when export a .dwg from SketchUp Shop and open it in other CAD software I see the same view I had in Shop when I made the export.

Edited to add a link.

Maybe that’s the issue then. I think I signed up for the trial for pro, remembering that I needed it to export to dwg, then discovered the web version, so gave that a try. I don’t think I ever did install the 2020 version for the trial after downloading it. Not sure if that trial has expired or not at this point. It was a while ago.

Yes, that has always been how I worked on projects like this. Build the model in SketchUp, then set up a scene for the floor plan, scene for the floor framing plan, scene for the roof framing plan, scene for section A, scene for Detail 3, etc, etc, then export those scenes to autocad where I do all my dimensioning, formatting, noting and combining with plans from other trades.
Now it doesn’t matter what is showing on the screen, what gets exported is the same scene every time.

I just started a new, clean file with all of 3 objects in it. Same thing.

Can you share the SketchUp model file?

It kind of sounds like you need the pro version anyway. What you describe doesn’t seem like the hobbyist use SketchUp Free is for.

True. I don’t use SU very often, but when I do, it gets pretty intensive. Typically, I just work in AutoCAD in 2d, with only a couple projects a year worth combining SU into the workflow.
I was just checking out the web version, since that is new to me, and hey, if the free version did what I needed, so much the better.

Well, the Pro trial is installed now. Repeating the same sort of tiny sample file worked just fine. I have 6 days left on my trial, so I had better get the actual project wrapped up in a hurry.

The obvious next step is to move my project back to the Mac and proceed from there.

So I still have no idea why the web version, which must be in free pro-trial mode, continues to fail the export process, but at least I can work around the problem by using the non-web version.

Everybody get’s a Studio trial when a new major version is released. This includes, besides having the desktop client run on your computer, access to Sefaira, all the Viewers and to the ‘premium’ online modeller, Shop.
After the trial period (30 days), you still have the Free plan

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@MikeWayzovski and @DaveR are correct, @The_one_they_call_Tim: with your 30-day trial entitlement, you have access to the paid functionality in SketchUp for Web.

Anyway, the export results (with same settings) shouldn’t be different between the desktop and web versions. If you are willing to share your file with me in a DM, I’d be happy to test.

Good point about naming the export: taking that down as a note for improvement.