Selecting the view for 2D DXF export, is it possible?


I just today subscribed to sketchup shop since the free version cannot export DXF.

However it seems when you export the DXF to 2D you cannot set the view and it is just always 1 particular angle.

For example if you save .png you are allowed to select the view for the exported image.

Is this possible with the 2D DXF export? I am trying to export 2d shapes/projections of parts to use with another CAM software that needs DXF as input.

Sorry if this has already been answered, i searched but did not find anything specifically for Shetchup Shop.

I haven’t tried exporting in Shop before and don’t have capability to try it, so this is a bit of a stab based on the desktop versions.

That angle is the current camera angle set in SketchUp when you export. So the DXF “image” or “snapshot” that you take is skewed, having undesirable and inaccurate output. I would try setting the camera to Parallel Projection and a standard view (usually Top) right before you do the export. That way you are looking at the geometry “square on” as I would say. The resulting DXF should then be accurate from what I know.

Sidenote: If you export the 2D option, the Sketchup segmented circles/arcs (if any) will be carry through to the DXF. However, if you choose the 3D option instead, the resulting DXF will contain true arcs and circles as opposed to the segmented ones.

Hi IanT,

Thanks for your response. I thought i had tried that, but i must have checked the wrong exported file originally because it does seem to work as you suggested now I think.

Thank you.