Export to 2d Graphic (.dwg) not working right

I have a SketchUp model that I am trying to Export as a .dwg so we can play with the 2D elevations in AutoCAD.

I create a parallel projection of the elevation we want, Export - 2D Graphic - select the .dwg and select the AutoCAD version we need in the Options… menu. A .dwg file is created, but with nothing in it.

I tried a version where I changed the SU model to Wireframe geometry first, then exported. This worked, but there are so many lines it makes it challenging to work off of.

Any other suggestions??
Thank you!

I just exported it from Hidden Line Face Style, and that worked just fine!


Here’s a possible alternative approach which Aaron made a video about on the SketchUp YouTube page.

This video is about exporting dxf files, and it outlines a workaround that shows how SketchUp can output True 2D curves by exporting them as 3D dxf files.

I haven’t tested this with dwg files… but you might try that out, and see what happens… or maybe it’s easier to just send dxf files back into AutoCad (rather than dwg files).