Export : picture / pdf


Does not seem possible to export scene within jpeg / png / pdf format.
Would be a nice must have…

Thank you.

Hi BenoitP, hi folk.

Use File Menu --> Export --> 2D Graphics.

Choose File format in pull down list (jpg, png, etc).

Open Options … to see options applicable to chosen file format. Adjust to your liking.

Enter a name for your file.

Click on the Export button.



Hi Benoit,

We do not yet support image export (or any kind of export, for that matter) in my.SketchUp. Stay tuned for future developments!


Hi Benoit, hi folks.

Sorry, didn’t saw that we were talking about my.sketchup.

Maybe a print screen or screen grabbing then printing could do the job.

I see that once you save the model you can sync it to the cloud.

Maybe then you can load the model in SketchUp Make (free) and then export it as jpeg or whatever.



I’ve been using the Snipping tool in windows.

It’s a shame that Trimble would release a product that doesn’t have all of the features of the product it is supposedly replacing. I guess that’s why it’s free.

So downloading a PNG file doesn’t work for you?

It’s an ongoing rollout they will be adding more features as they progress, that’s why SketchUp Make 17 for desktop is still available.

Png support is now added

Downloading works fine. I was trying to EXPORT!

Seriously, thank you. I didn’t make the connection between the change in verbiage.