In exports, PDF format option became unavailable



Like I said in the title,
When I want to export to PDF I usually choose: File -> Export -> 2D Graphics…

-> and then save with the option format in PDF File (.pdf)

Unfortunately, I don’t really know what happened, but the only option format available now are: .jpeg, .bmp, .tif and .png

But all the others options formats are gone. It used to all be available still 3 days ago.
Do you have an idea of what happened?
Or what I could have done wrong?
I checked over the web and haven’t encountered a similar problem.

My Sketchup version is the french SketchUp but up to date

Thank you very much for reading :sunny:


Sounds like your Pro Trial ran out.
Those extra export options are part of the Pro features and aren’t available in the Make version.


The option for users of SketchUp Make is to use a PDF printer - there are a zillion different available, from the rather expensive Adobe Acrobat to many free ones. If you need pure vector output like what the SketchUp Pro exporter produces, you can check the “use high-accuracy HLR” print quality setting. MAC users can use their built-in PDF printing option, with the “vector printing” option if necessary.



The problem is that the export to PDF feature is missing. This feature, as I use it, creates an image that is accurately scaled. The option to create a PDF via printing does not. I would gladly pay to get PDF export back in Sketchup Make (the Pro version is both too much tool and too much cost for me).


Ermm… PDF export has never been in SketchUp Make (when you install Make, it starts with a Pro version trial).

Getting the output to scale is a different matter altogether, nothing to do with Make or Pro. Whether you are exporting 2D vector images from Pro or printing to paper or PDF from Pro or Make, you need to be in a Parallel projection view that uses one of the Standard viewpoints (Top, Front,…etc). Then the Scale options in the Print dialog (and the Export dialog in Pro) will be active. In this respect, printing and exporting to DWG or PDF perform identically.



I am new to using SketchUp and so my knowledge is very limited. My needs of SketchUp are to enable me to model buildings (mostly) for eventual use with a laser-cutter or manually with a scalpel. So I create the model, lay down all the faces in 2d using Flattery, organize the faces to tightly fit on a sheet of 12x12 (in) chipboard, and then export to PDF. The export always gave me a 12x12 PDF document. I have been unable to achieve a 12x12 document using the print dialog even fiddling with paper size, scaling, etc. Perhaps I will find the magic combination one day, but, for now, I have a workaround (to scale the printed PDF in iDraw).

– Andrew


Hi Andrew,

This article may help:
Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Tutorial (Windows OS)