How to export files


Is there any way to get/export a sketchup file into a vector art program like Adobe Illustrator or Freehand?
I cant afford to buy the pro version…thanks


Can I export my SketchUp models to other programs or formats? — SketchUp Help

This plugin may help:

joergber: DXF Export v0.0.4 — SketchUcation PluginStore


The easiest way to get 2D vector graphics editable in a vector art application from the free version of SketchUp is to print your view to PDF with the “Use high-accuracy HLR” printing option. Art programs, at least Illustrator, can open and edit PDF files.



I can’t say for certain that SketchUp Make can export pdf files. But from what I recall, it cannot.

The SU Make Features Page makes no mention of pdf.
And the User’s Guide indicates exporting pdf or eps files is a Pro only feature.


Yes, but printing to PDF with “Vector printing”(Mac) or “High-accuracy HLR”(PC) gives results identical to the Pro version PDF/EPS exporter.



Ah OK, You’re saying print (as with Acrobat) not export (as with SU Pro)
For some reason I failed to differentiate.