SketchUp to Adobe illustrator

Can a SketchUp file be saved in a format that is editable in Adobe Illustrator?
I know you can save SketchUp files as jpegs but that is a rasterized file that cannot be edited.



With SketchUp Pro you could export EPS files which can be opened in illustrator.

Holy Mackerel.

That’s great. I’m still using a trial version.
Where can I find information and cost for SketchUp pro?


I’d start here:

Thanks for the link. I will look into it.


You can also export DWG, which Illustrator can Place. If you also have Photoshop you can export Collada, even from the Make version of SketchUp, and make a 3D Layer From File.

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From Make, the easiest way to create a vector file that can be brought into Illustrator is to print to PDF with a PDF printer (Acrobat or one of the zillion cheaper or free alternatives) with the “Use high-accuracy HLR”(PC) or “Vector Printing”(Mac) print option enabled. The result is virtually indistinguishable from what the PDF/EPS exporter in the Pro version does. The EPS format is roughly an uncompressed PDF.