Edit PDF from Sketchup GO on Adobe Illustrator

Can my print-to-scale PDF (scale 1:50 on A3) from Sketchup GO be edited on Adobe Illustrator please?

I need to add photos and texts next to my Sketchup model on the A3 paper for a presentation.



any pdf can be edited in illustrator. or inkscape, or affinity designer, or any other vector app.

edit : well, although hit’s technically true, all pdf can be opened in illustrator, a pdf is just an enveloppe containing data. not all pdf are vector, GO’s are not

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That’s great! Will try later.

I asked because I read in earlier chats here that only SU Pro (or LayOut) can do this, by selecting a vector option when creating the Pdf.

oh yeah no, sorry, skipped the GO think -_-’

if you print to scale in sketchup GO, it makes a pdf containing a jpg. so you can open the pdf in illustrator but you can’t edit the lines, the faces etc, you can only add stuff.

you can export in dxf, it’ll give you vector lines you can import to scale in illustrator. but no materials, no colours. for that, you’ll need to stack a scaled pdf export (maybe without the lines?) under the dxf lines imported to scale.

here, when you open the dxf in illustrator, you tell it what your Sketchup unit was. I often work in cm when I export to illustrator, so I’ll either write 10mm or 1cm

it should import to scale.

Sadly, Go doesn’t have the export to PDF or EPS feature that the desktop version has. It produces pure vector files that are ideal for postprocessing in an illustration application.

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