How to export SketchUp views to SVG format to be able to work in Illustrator?


I am looking for a way to export SketchUp views into SVG format so that I can work on Adobe Illustrator.

Context: I am creating furniture assembly instruction guides (similar to IKEA). Currently, I am making the models is SketchUp and exporting to 2D DWG format and working in AutoCAD to add further details like - connections, text etc.
(Attaching photos of my AutoCAD screen to show the details that I am referring to above)


I am looking for a way to possibly eliminate AutoCAD and use Illustrator instead to add details. I am not sure if the process I am following is the most optimized way (SketchUp for models, then AutoCAD for details) OR if there’s a better combination of applications to produce these guides.

You don’t need the SVG format to get vector art from SketchUp Pro into Illustrator. You can export to PDF or EPS, Illustrator opens both perfectly. It would probably import your DWGs too. If you are exporting PDF from LayOut, make your SketchUp views use Vector rendering.

Yes, I am able to import PDF file to Illustrator but it rasterizes it and gets pixelated

???!!! There must be a flaw in your workflow - you must be producing the PDF in a way that rasterizes it.
How I do it is to, in SketchUp Pro, go to the Export>2D Image menu and select PDF or EPS as the format. Then I Open (don’t Import) the file in Illustrator. It is all vectors.
You might get raster if you print to PDF using a PDF printer or export a PDF out of LayOut when you use Raster or Hybrid rendered SketchUp viewports.

Oh sorry, I think I didn’t mention this explicitly that I actually imported the PDF from AutoCAD and not SketchUp itself. That’s why the PDF’s are rasterized because, yes I am printing it. Thanks!