Is it possible to export a layout files sketchup model as a vector or .svg?

Right now my work flow is - ‘send to layout’ > export as PDF > import pdf to adobe illustrator > export as SVG and load into photoshop.

I’m wondering if there is an extension or way to simplify this. I’m also slowly making my way through the learn.sketchup page, so thank you for bearing with my newness :smiley:

You can export from LayOut as .dxf or .dwg. Those are vector formats. There are several different svg exporters available from the Extension Warehouse. With those you could export directly from SketchUp.

So photoshop doesn’t accept those file types but illustrator does. Follow-up (which I might have to ask on adobe forum) is it possible to port illustrator layers to photoshop? Like I had a layer for a floorplan and a layer with the property outline?

I’ll check out the exported extensions. Any chance you have a preferred one or are they all kind of the same?

I expect so but I don’t know for certain.

No. I would suggest trying them to see which one does what you want.

It seems to be possible, just a bit tedious. Figuring out the specifics.

Ok will do.

Thanks for all your help!

Just a dumb question: If your end result is a raster image (assuming that is what you do in photoshop), why don’t you export one directly from LayOut? Or import the PDF directly into Photoshop?

That’s not a dumb question. I’m trying not to get a raster image because when I expand a part of the project, the vector/path will be crisp and neglect all the little pixels. So if I’m drawing small bushes in small part of the yard and need to have that as an image. I’ll attach visual examples of what I mean later.

PDFS import in photoshop fine, and functionally perfect, but they are rasterized and defeat my purpose :frowning: