Can someone convert a Sketchup file to an .SVG file for me?

I have a model ive drawn in Sketchup of a table leg and I need it converted to an .SVG so a friend can cut it out on his CNC. Can someone help me with this?
MidCentModern Table Leg.dae (20.3 KB)

Can SketchUp Make not export as an .eps? That’s vector and can be saved as SVG from there.

Im on the free Sketchup Make and it can only export as a 3d Model.

Did you look under File>Export>2D image…

SketchUp Make doesn’t have DXF export, which the CNC machine could possibly have taken. Export 2D doesn’t include SVG.

Here’s an SVG I made. I made it be a flat face, my assumption is that the CNC machine will cut through the thickness of the material. Try this. (1.5 KB)

BTW, EPS export puts out straight line segments. Export to 3D DXF can give true arcs, though I think it was too late for this file. Still managed to do nicer line segments than EPS. I used Illustrator to export to SVG.

There is no vector 2D export in SketchUp Make. To get to SVG it is possible to use a PDF printer that supports a large enough paper size (there are paid and free ones), print tp PDF with the "Use high-accuracy HLR printer option (Vector printing on the Mac, don’t know if the option is available in the “seanmoore” operating system). Then the PDF can be opened and saved as SVG in an illustration application like Illustrator or Inkscape (free).

Thanks Colin! Ill forward this to my friend and see if it works.