Export 2D vector graphics (SVG) view from 3D SketchUp model

Exporting to SVG would be really useful. I understand that there was a plugin (flightofideas) that allowed exporting to SVG, but this plugin does not work any longer with the newer versions of Sketchup, neither does converting DWG/DXF to SVG work.

Google pdf to svg. PDF is a vector export, and try it in SketchUp and LayOut (with vector rendering turned on in LayOut).

Do you have SketchUp Pro and Adobe Illustrator? If so, give this a try:

  1. Send your SketchUp model to Layout.
  2. Make sure your SketchUp model viewport is set to Vector, export Layout file as PDF.
  3. Open in Illustrator and save as .svg

I will try to make a more detailed How-to, but for the time being give that a go. A couple of things I noticed are: That you cannot save from PDF directly from SketchUp. It simply did not work for me when I just tried. EDIT: Just tried again and it worked fine exporting directly from SketchUp after I saved the file. The other is that the gradients do not translate well to SVG with this method. Each surface is clearly segmented in the Vector-exported SVG.

A tweak to the above method would be to export your view as a high resolution raster image and then use the Adobe Illustrator Image Trace feature to convert it to vector.

I tried to directly attach the SVG I created but it looks like that format is not supported by these forums. Here is a zipped package that contains my exported SVG and the SketchUp model I created it from with the above workflow: SVG_test_files.zip (158.0 KB)

– Matt

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Hi, Matt -

Should have known from 3D Basecamp that you’d have a nice solution for this! :smile:


Hi Chambers,

I don’t couldn’t find out how to set the viewport to Vector. Moreover, my Adobe Illustrator trial expired. I can only use Inkscape.

I’m pretty sure Inkscape will work. I’ve never used it but there are all kinds of “SVG from Inkscape” things on the internet. Give this a try from Layout to find the Vector setting:

  1. Window --> SketchUp Model
  2. Select the imported SketchUp model in your Layout view.
  3. Lower right of the SketchUp Model dialog you should find the Vector setting.

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Hi Chambers,

In the meantime I exported from Layout to PDF as a high-quality raster, imported the PDF in Inkscape, used Trace Bitmap (ticked Colors), and the result is fabulous.
Thanks for the help!


Thats great! I will need to look into Inkscape. I keep hearing good things about it.

BTW, I don’t know if the Vector viewport would have helped, as I designed the 3D model of a chip onto which I applied the company logo from a PNG file. Upon setting the viewport to Vector, the company logo I applied onto the top of the chip became a white blank.

Apart from that, Inkscape is a wonderful alternative to Adobe Illustrator and I found it easier to work with than Illustrator. Then again, I had no experience with either of them when I started working with vector graphics.

Users of the Make version can output a vector PDF from SketchUp by using a PDF printer driver (Adobe Acrobat or a free alternative) with the “Use high-accuracy HLR”(PC) or “Vector printing”(Mac) print option enabled. The result is essentially identical to the PDF Export in SketchUp Pro.

In LayOut you can also try to set your viewports to Hybrid rendering if you need to include raster stuff like textures, images or shadows in your vector output.



I have sketchup 2015 with the flightofideas plugin and it works. It has an ,rbz extention. It has 2 buttons (See JPG) the one on the left converts the file.
Good Luck

If you are looking to have SVG slices and use it in something like GlowForgee](https://glowforge.com/) then you can use MakePrintable where there is an option to export SVGs out of a 3D model, I think one trick you can do on MakePrintable to achieve what you are asking for specifically is to make the view you want to get SVG for pointing upwards on the Y axis then MakPrintable might generate a slice representing that view depending on the object’s structure.

This got me interested into writing some code to do this job and integrating it into MakePrintable! :grinning: If you are interested then please let me know, with enough votes I can add it to be part of our pipeline.

Good afternoon .
I need to transform a gazebo model Sketchup 3D in a vector format .
Do you know any tutorial to learn how to do it , please ? foisor cu panouri decorative.skp (2.7 MB)

There are a number of vector export options available with SketchUp Pro.

Sorry , but I have Sketchup Make 2016 . Thanks .

If you need vector exports, maybe you should upgrade to Pro.

How are you going to use the vector exports?

I will not use . The company where I want to ask a quote for decorative panel ask for vector format to be possible to make a offer .
For this also .Paravan scara new york.skp (716.7 KB)

You could hire someone to make the vector files for you, then.

I will try to find someone . Usually the company should make it by my dimensions .
Best wishes !

You do know, don’t you, if you are using SketchUp for business, you need to be using the Pro version. SketchUp Make is for personal use only.