Export 2D vector graphics (SVG) view from 3D SketchUp model



Of corse I know . The panels are for my home , I do not make business , why did you believed it ?


I didn’t. You didn’t specify what you are using SketchUp for.


I am using just for me .


Perhaps you should post in the Commercial and Collaborative Work category asking to hire someone to make the vector drawings for you.


I want to do myself . If is not possible with Sketchup make , I will learn another program .


Look at File>Export and go through the available export options. That will show you what you can get out of SketchUp Make. There are a few CAD programs out there that can import a SketchUp file. Maybe one of them will work for you but of course you’ll have to learn another program.


it is possible if you find an extension that exports to dxf…

but, model needs a bit more work first…

start your own thread asking for help in preparing the panels for export, and search for dxf export plugins as well…

good luck



If you don’t want to do that, printing to PDF as advised earlier in this thread with the “Use high-accuracy HLR” printing option enabled will produce a vector PDF file.



Kindly ask , explain for my mind narrow , I will do perfect 3D drawing in Sketchup for panel … And after ??? Anybody can do a tutorial ? I really need this format vector , but this time just for me , to print the drawing in to the real size paper . I will make myself the panels .


”…model needs a bit more work first… ” ?

Prepare panels for vector output

Good morning .
Yes , I know , the drawing is not completed . I still working with panels . I posted the drawings in order to better understand what I need .
Thanks .


i have no active license, so i cannot use “LayOut” any more…
i have got a .layout file.
How to convert it into .svg without using “LayOut”?


You might offer to hire someone who does have Sketchup Pro to do it for you.


Thanks for this Matt.

No I currently don’t have Sketchup Pro just Sketchup Make 2017. I was hoping that there was a simple option to export to SVG then load it into a CAM program.

I am using Sketchup Make to model some parts I want to fabricate on a CNC system that I purchased. I wanted to try Sketchup Make for my digital CNC fabrication before purchasing the full version to make sure it works.

The free version of Sketchup Make 2017 does not give me access to Layout (it did during the trial period)

I have also just got a older version of Sketchup Make 2016 so hopefully it may work in that version.

Kind Regards Stuart


As explained earlier in this thread, you can use a PDF printer with the “Use High-accuracy HLR” print option to create a PDF, and use a vector illustration software like Inkscape (free) or Illustrator (expensive) to convert that into SVG. Both the mentioned can also export to DXF if that is what your CNC machine uses.


Using SketchUp Make 2017, I went to the extension warehouse and searched for the phrase “Export SVG”. One of the extensions suggested was “Face SVG”, which I installed and tried and got results that appear to be good. The SVG file did, at least, import into my laser cutter software and I was able to ungroup some objects so that I can control the order of cutting. I will know more when I get a chance to run the laser cutter, but right now I am feeling happier that all of the effort that I put into developing a model has not been wasted.


That plugin works well, there’s also www.getfabber.com that’ll export a 3D model to 2D SVG (with proper arcs and circles too!)