Sketchup Export to SVG capabilities

I am trying to understand if Sketchup 2017 Make or the latest versions of Sketchup will support SVG export. I have a CNC machine and need to export SVG so that I can then use another tool to create the Cam (G-Code Files).

I have watched most of the video’s on youtube to do this and they refer to FlightofIdeas. When I go to the extension manager there is no reference to this any more.

How can makers use Sketchup to take 2D profiles and provide a format that can be imported by packages like makercam.

If I am not able to do this I will have to consider using another package but would like to remain with sketchup

Kind Regards Stuart

This old post might help, if 2D export is enough. But not if you need full 3D.

Thanks for that John. I am only wanting 2D capabilities as experimenting with digital fabrication on a CNC router I have purchased.

Kind Regards Stuart

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