How do I get my .svg illustration into SketchUp Pro 2020?

New user here! How on earth can I work with my .svg illustration in SketchUp Pro 2020?? I’m getting so many mixed messages! Yeeeelp help! Thank you!

Export the SVG as a DXF (InkScape=free) and Import DXF into SKP

Or perhaps I got it wrong, just REVERSE the process.

Hello thank you for your response. Can you explain the order if you mean reverse? Thank you!!!

Could not establish if your challenge was IMPORTING or EXPORTING to/from SVG into SKP.

To get from SketchUp to SVG I would export a PDF file and convert that to SVG in an illustration application like InkScape or Illustrator.

Anssi; PDF better than a DWG export?

In this case I would prefer PDF, especially if you need to export faces too, as coloured areas. 2D DWG/DXF export is lines only.

Anssi: How do you go about Printing PDF? Do you use a PDF Editor/Generator. SKP does not offer this option; correct? Then again, DWG capabilities are only available on SKP-Pro only.

SketchUp Pro has an EPS/PDF exporter that creates vector-only 2D “artwork”.
You can achieve the same result from SketchUp Make by printing to a PDF printer with the “Use high-accuracy HLR”(PC) or “Vector printing”(Mac) option enabled.

Ah, not in Windows/PC.