I want to export a layout file into illustrator so that I can edit the lines

I tried everything in the forum - exporting to a pdf(both windows and mac) and printing to a pdf file. I don’t seem to have an option to exporting to an eps file. I’m not too worried about scale- this is for presentation purposes only. Can anyone help me? I’ve got the latest version of sketchup

You should be able to export as PDF and edit it in Illustrator. You need to make sure before exporting that your SketchUp model is set to ‘Vector’ rendering mode (*note this may take a min as vector rendering takes more time/processing power in LayOut).

Once in Illustrator, in order to edit, you may need to 'release clipping mask).

Here it is in AI where the SU model trees are now editable. Feel free to post your LayOut model in reply if there is something else wrong that needs exploring.

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Amazing! It worked!!! Thank you so much!

Yay. Glad to hear it.