Why is there no PNG/JPEG export from SketchUp Free?

Why is this not available, when will it be? A print screen is insufficient imo. Please add it.

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Have you not looked.

Yes, care to guide me to it?

I could not find it either, I expected it to be in ‘save as’ or ‘download’, I think I am just missing the obvious!

Edit: I saw on another post, they don’t have that function available yet but I believe they are adding it in later.

My mistake, I was thinking of Insert.

hmmm there is a selection to make this model printable on the warehouse upload dialogue window. The option disables if “private” is selected. So it must only be to make it printable for other users.

That’s for 3D printing.

You can export a PNG file from SketchUp Free.
Screenshot - 1_27_2018 , 10_03_48 AM

I’m referring to this dialogue.

Yes. That’s for 3D printing. The original question regarded exporting raster images.

i.Materialise is a company that does 3D printing. For the Desktop SketchUp users, they have an extension in the EW that is a great tool for checking to see if your model is printable and even give you an idea of how much it would cost if they print it.

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A good example of how things are being added all the time. PNG is now available.

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Indeed! I started to write that the feature hadn’t been implemented yet but decided I should check again to see. Glad I did.

I’m reasonably sure it wasn’t there mid-week…

where’s the change-log…


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Hamburger menu (left sidebar) > About (panel) > Changelog (tab)

But, the last log entry is for December 13, 2017.

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