SketchUp web version, is it possible to export to JPEG or modify materials?

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I have a few questions regarding how far it is possible to use the free SketchUp web version.

Is it possible to export to JPEGs? I can only seem to export to PNG

Is it possible to modify materials? When I double click on the materials as shown in the tutorials, it doesn’t do anything?

Is this because SketchUp wants us to buy the full version? Which is the cheapest option with more potential than the web one?



You can convert the PNG image to a JPG in your image editor. PNG is a better format than JPG, anyway. They are lossless and support transparency while JPGs are lossy and don’t support transparency.

You must be looking at a tutorial for the desktop version of SketchUp. Currently you can’t edit materials in SketchUp Free.

Not specifically. SketchUp 2017 Make is available and like SketchUp Free, it’s licensed for non-commercial use only. Since you are using SketchUp for your business, you must be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. With SketchUp Pro you would be able to export JPGs and you would be able to edit materials and create your own materials.

Hi Dave

Thanks so much for your advice I will look into the SketchUp 2017 version and keep playing around. Maybe there are videos for the free version too


BTW I’ve watched the four introduction videos, then the tool bar series, now I’m starting on these…

The familiar with SketchUp ones

Thought PNG was mainly for Illustrator and vectors but it makes sense and I have just tried importing and editing a PNG shot from SketchUp in Photoshop and it works just fine. Thanks!

For reference, png (portable network graphics) is a lossless file format for images. It works well with technical images because it does not attempt to compress them. jpg is a format that reduces the size of an image file by means of a lossy compression technique. It works well for scenes of natural objects because the eye tolerates some loss of details. But it often works poorly for technical images because the fine details matter.

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Thanks. That makes perfect sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you export to PNG? I can’t see where to do that? I really don’t like this web version lol


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