Items disappear when sending to layout

I have sent many files to layout and now things do not show up.

I changed one small item on a simple wall detail and now half of the text is missing. it is still there in sketchup but does not show in LO.

same happened once when exporting LO to a pdf. It showed perfectly in LO but when sent to PDF half the page is missing.

what am i doing wrong?


Also, i just control Z my way back to the original in sketchup and when sent to LO it still shows wrong.

Could you share the LO file?

test.layout (203.4 KB)

this is what is was before the edit
complete roll up.layout (923.0 KB)

What change were you making to the SketchUp file?

The viewport shows as modified which indicates you opened the viewport in LO and zoomed the view.

You should be creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LO. Using the last saved view is a sure way to create problems.

I opened your LO file in LO2016 (I haven’t used LO3 in years) and then opened the embedded SU file. I was able to make changes to the model and the labels all remained when I updated the viewport. I wonder, though, if the problem you’re seeing is somehow related to the spatial orientation of the labels. They aren’t all on the same plane. I have a vague recollection having to do with that and OpenGL with the GPU not being up to scratch.

here is the SU file
I have never made a scene in the program before. I only use this for very simple building permit application. always 2Dwall detail.skp (284.4 KB)

It looks just like the one I extracted from the LayOut file.

Even for simple permit application drawings you really should use scenes. At least make a scene for the one view. It would make dealing with it in LO easier.

I don’t know if you care but you need to add an r to “architectual [sic] shingle to match” and “perimeter” needs an e instead of an i.


A related incident happened to me yesterday, that I’d not seen since the '90s. While ‘inserting’ a *.skp file into a layout document, I noticed the highlighted viewport was opposite to what I wanted. It was the last saved screen, not a scene from Sketchup. Rather than finish inserting the file and rotate it after, I decided to delete it, and start again from SketchUp. When I deleted the file, I lost the whole thing in an instant. My last back up was three days ago, my fault, so I lost about 20 hours of placing windows, walls and doors for an existing house.
I’ve searched the (Windows 10) hard drive and there is no house_Vaquero.skp file on it. No recycle bin either. It was like passing an expensive vase to someone standing next to you, and dropping it down an elevator shaft.