Can't resize "sketchup model" window in layout


I am having trouble resizing my “sketchup” window viewport in the Layout. Which is very strange. I narrowed it to give me more paper space, but didn’t realized now the viewport is cropped, and there is no way to change it back to a wider frame now. I wonder if anyone run into the same problem. And how do you solve it.

It would help if you shared the LayOut file. From what little I can see in your screen shot, you have Preserve Scale on Resize ticked which means the view of the model won’t change in size when you drag the edges of the viewport. It also appears that you have the scale of the viewport set to 1:48 so as long as that scale is in effect, the model won’t change size on the page no matter what size you make the viewport. You can change the scale to a different one and then drag the edges of the viewport to suit.

I am not talking about my model viewport at all. I am referring this “sketchup” viewport that I screen grabbed, as you see that this image is cropped, and I could not resize it on it’s own. And when I magnet it to other windows to resize it, it is still cropped.

Normally a viewport is a view of the SketchUp model on the page in LayOut. I guess you are talking about the SketchUp Model panel? Or the Default Tray? To what do you have display scaling set? Make sure it is 150% or less.