Sketch model to layout issue file not resizing

Hi everyone,

I’ve come across an issue I’ve not experienced before.

I have a plan in sketch up which I have previously been able to send to layout (after saving of course) and change size etc.

However this time when I do my normal process of saving and send to layout - layout opens the window will not resize and has a yellow warning size in the corner. I have tried to relink this, as well as close restart the computer and tried again. I’ve also tried this with another file which worked fine in the past but is now also experiencing the same issue… I can not change the scale by scrolling on my mouse whilst in the window either.

Another issue is when I select vector the plan completely disappears? If I press the alt and z it comes back - but this just means I can not change the line.

Does it help if you re-render the model viewport in Layout?

Under the Sketchup Model Tab in the tray there is occasionally a render button next to where you set the viewport to Vector, Raster, Hybrid.

Just tried it; it zoomed into the model but still won’t resize and now the model is stuck zoomed in - also vector still does not work…

Hopefully someone with better knowledge will be able to help later in the day but I think someone will probably suggest you share the model so they can see if the problem replicates on their machine.

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Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

let me know if this works.

It worked. Let me take a look.

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I can’t tell exactly what you did in your setup of the LayOut file but I managed to open the SketchUp file, create a scene showing the model, save it and go back to LayOut. Everything worked as expected and I could set a scale for the viewport.

I do note some issues with your SketchUp file that indicate it’s not really ready for LayOut.

The first thing is setting up scenes in your SketchUp model to use for the viewports in LayOut. Don’t use Last saved SketchUp view as the scene. That will create a lot of trouble for you later.

Incorrect tag usage from imported CAD file.
Screenshot - 9_21_2023 , 7_49_10 AM
All edges and faces should be untagged. Grups and components get tags.

Screenshot - 9_21_2023 , 7_50_04 AM
Wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff. This file isn’t huge but it could be smaller and more efficient. Purging unused in this case reduced file size by 25%. It’s a good practice to keep your models cleaned up. If you don’t need that stuff out to the right, delete it, too.
Screenshot - 9_21_2023 , 7_50_39 AM

Lots of loose geometry. In fact most of it is loose. Use groups and components to protext the geometry and prevent it get distorted accidentally.

There are also some exposed blue back faces. It would be good to correct those. You might want to fill in the missing faces, too. With background color turned on the missing faces are evident.

I would suggest that you move your model closer to the origin. Currently it’s about 40 meters away. Again not a lot but it’s good practice to keep your models closer to the origin.

I did not make any changes to the SketchUp model in your LayOut file other than to create the Plan scene. You should do the cleanup. If you want to work with the SketchUp model in this LayOut file right click on the viewport, choose Open with SketchUp and when it opens, use File>Save as … to save it to your computer. Then in the LayOut file, select the .skp file and choose Relink. navigate to where you saved the file, select it and choose Open.

Plan fixed.layout (1.6 MB)

Thank you, I’ll try and do as you say and see if it works. Appreciate your time!

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I realize you have some experience with SketchUp but it may help to review the materials to help grasp the concepts and practices.

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

I’d also suggest not using “send to Layout” from SU. I would open the LO template and “insert” the model on the appropriate layer. After that you simply open the saved LO file and update the reference.