Layout scaling



Hello - I have an issue I’m trying to solve in Layout:

  1. I’m trying to draw dashed lines for an overhead deck in plan view
  2. I download 2d Tools to try and use dashed line tool with Sketchup, but it didn’t look great or I’m not using it correctly
  3. Then, I tried drawing dashed overhead deck lines in Layout - Scene set for 1/8"=1’-0" in Layout
  4. In drawing the first 8’ line specified as 8’, the line continues to “infinity and beyond”, not 8’.

Anyone Sages or Tumbleweeds have a solution for this issue?

Thanks a million!


Lines drawn in LayOut are not tied to the scale of the SketchUp viewport. Select Scaled Drawing, which you should find in the tray, and select the scale that you used for your viewport. Then draw in your lines. If you aren’t using Scaled Drawing when you draw those lines, they’ll have paper space dimensions so the line you drew didn’t really go to infinity. Just to 8 feet.


Sweet, that did the trick. A new area to explore…love this program.

Thanks DaveR