Dashed Lines in Layout incorrect when exporting to PDF

When I export to PDF I need to crank the linescale up to something like 10 to get it looking the same after the export. Is this just another Layout issue we have to live with?
I dont really mind but it makes me look a bit of a twit in presentations to my clients.

Hard to say without seeing your LO file but the dashes as displayed in LayOut get scaled as you zoom in or out so they continue to look dashed even when the page is displayed smaller. This will be more evident with larger paper sizes. You need to make allowance for that in your setup.

That is odd. My PDF exports don’t do that. For instance on my site plans all the property lines, easements and setbacks look identical to the LO file.

Are you talking about dashed lines in your SketchUp model viewports or lines you have drawn in LayOut?

Ah ha- I have just switched from Hybrid to Raster which shows the dashed scale correctly

Dashed lines in Sketchup. Theres a difference between Hybrid and Raster views it seems

It looks like viewing the Hybrid viewport in layout at actual scale and greater will preview the Dashes as they will print.

I’m Using some smaller Dashes now and they don’t show how it will print when viewed at Actual size in layout. It Takes a lot of zooming to see all the dashes as they will print. If we have a stack of viewpoints and the bottom viewport is Raster and the Top is Vector or Hybrid. Then how do we get both viewport dashes to match?