No dashed lines in PDF Print

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i want to print my current SketchUp project as a PDF in scale 1:200. All of this works perfectly fine for solid lines but dashed lines are invisible in the PDF. The tags are set to visible and also it works when i export the file as a png but obviously the quality suffers from this and the scale is not wright.

Thanks for your helpful answers!

Are you using LayOut or doing this in SketchUp?

Im using SketchUp Pro because when i open up the project in LayOut the quality is not that good.

Are you leaving the viewport(s) rendered as Raster? If you render as Vector you’ll get nice crisp vector linework.

So far I’ve only used the “Send to Layout” button. Is there a separate setting for this?

Yes. With the viewport selected, go to the SketchUp Model panel in the tray on the right and choose Vector.

Raster on the left, Vector on the right.

Might find it useful to go through the LayOut instructional stuff at

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Thanks. Thats very helpful. Do you also have an idea why just one part of my model was transferred to LayOut and not the whole drawing?

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Already solved this second problem by myself. Thanks again!

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